These are just a portion of the services we are proud to offer in Ledyard, CT. If you have questions regarding any of these services, call today or contact us online. You can also request an appointment online today!

Abdominal Surgery
Adult & Senior Wellness
Anal Gland Expression
Chiropractic Care
Dental Care/Teeth Cleaning
Dental X-Ray
Diabetes Screening & Treatment
Diagnostic Exams/Testing/Screening
Diagnosing & Managing Thyroid Disease
Digital Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging
Emergency Care
Euthanasia Services
Flea & Tick Control
Geriatric Medicine
Health Exams
Heartworm Testing & Prevention
In-House Laboratory

Internal Medicine Consultation
Isolation Ward
Laser Therapy
Medicated Baths
Microchipping and Pet Identification
Nail Trimming
Nutritional Counseling & Pet Food
Pain Management
Parasite Control

Spays & Neuters
Surgery & Soft Tissue Surgery
Vaccinations & Immunizations
Veterinary Specialist Referrals
Wellness Exams/Testing/Screening